Stacker Assembly

Please review the slideshow below for instructions on Stacker Assembly

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  • Please bolt together where each sections meet. If it's longer then 125' we also recommend 6" welds on each corner of the splice where the angles are bolted together.
  • Set axle up on blocks with radial position facing towards the head section (only if it is a 4 tire axle or smaller). Pin the bottom of the telescope leg and the dead section leg to the axle.
  • Lift up over the axle. Pin the top of the telescope leg to the head section and pin the top of the dead section leg to the tail end of the truss.
  • Make sure the axle is level. Set to desired incline and pin at that height.
  • Connect the bushing end of the stabilizing bars to the axle. The other end has to be made to fit. (You will cut to length and then pin it to the dead leg.)

Note: Do not rest the stacker on uprights on axle, and always unhook the stablizing bars when adjusting the stacker up or down.

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